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Alia Jashanmal Creates a Sustainable Community Called Aloushi’s.

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

A Platform for Fashion and Lifestyle Brands Aimed at Conscious Shoppers.

When you meet Alia Jashanmal, you’re instantly drawn to her good vibes and positive nature. She oozes style but not in a way that’s up to date with the latest hot designer label, but in a stylish way, which blends the beauty of heritage, quality fabrics, culture, design, and art all together. It’s not surprising that this is so, with her ethic heritage being of Indian and Syrian descent, and her global exposure growing up. Alia was raised in the UAE, studied in Switzerland, and worked in New York, Tahiti and Turkey. You see, Alia can be considered as a third-culture-kid, or rather a citizen of the world. She’s also the first granddaughter of prominent Indian-Emirati businessman Mohan Jashanmal, one of the founding figures of Jashmahal. Inspired by the retail industry, she’s created her own spin on founding an online fashion and lifestyle boutique called Aloushi’s, targeted at conscious shoppers. It's an online lifestyle hub where brands, incorporating a sustainable vision, connect with conscious buyers on a global level. Aloushi’s mission: to be a leading online sustainable community.

Launching a lifestyle and fashion boutique came naturally for Alia. She says, “As long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to fashion, style and art – searching the world for one of a kind artisanal creation.” Armed with an eye for detail and design, Alia searches for a story in everything she buys; this is evident in her online boutique. Every product on display has meaning, from their sustainable story, to supporting diversity and local brands that are creating a small but mighty, positive, impact. You’ll find a beautiful medley of fashion and lifestyle pieces, from kaftans, kimonos, dresses, shirts, trousers, yoga wear, meditation accessories, notebooks, shoes, and jewellery. All the products are timeless. And their beauty products focus on clean beauty brands, so ingredients are kind to your body.

Founder, Alia Jashanmal tells us more about Aloushi's:

Q: Where are you from and tell us about your fashion background? How has that helped you launch Aloushi’s?

Alia: I've been a global gypsy for as long as I can remember, searching the world for one-of-a-kind artisanal creations. I'm originally from India and Syria but I grew up in the UAE, studied in Switzerland, and worked in New York, Tahiti, and Turkey. Abu Dhabi is my home and will always have a special place in my heart. My family has been in the UAE since before it was even the UAE, making it truly my home.

I have always had an eye for detail and design and by constantly travelling for internships and work, I would immerse myself in each country's culture developing my love and fascination for the intricacies of each country's identity. Wherever I travelled, I found a sense of belonging through each country's designs and rituals. I would say the love and comfort that I have and received from beautiful artifacts pushed me to find my purpose through Aloushi's.

Q: Tell us what made you decide to launch Aloushis?

Alia: Aloushi's was born during Covid. My partner, Alkesh Thavrani and I decided to create Aloushi's when we realized that there was no curated collection of fashion, skincare, and art from around the world at one destination. The world is constantly changing, and we wanted to participate and help our planet through our sustainable ways. Aloushi’s aims to fulfil the dreams of entrepreneurs by showcasing its products made with the utmost love and care; to embrace different cultures and designs, showcasing how people’s hearts and dreams unfold into their businesses.

Q: What do you think sets your company apart from the rest?

Alia: I think the one thing that sets my company from the rest is love. Everything I choose to be on Aloushi's or what is made by me, is created through emotion and love. The whole collection on Aloushi's is meant to showcase a sustainable way of living through luxury with every piece on the website being a part of someone's dream.

Q: What are the core values for your brand?

Alia: Aloushi's values are diversity, sustainability, peace, community, collaboration, and timelessness.

Q: How long has the company been running for and where do you see the direction of the business in the future?

Alia: We launched the website on Valentine's Day 2022 (the day of love since Aloushi's is a sanctuary for quality and love). I see Aloushi's growing in terms of being the go-to platform for sustainable luxury items. I would like to have pop ups in locations all over the world, particularly yoga retreats and music festivals. Eventually, I see Aloushi's opening its own luxury sustainable department store.

Q: Tell us more about your favourite products? What are your bestsellers?

Alia: I know this might sound clichè but all the products that are on Aloushi's are my favourite, that's why it's named after me. I really take the time to choose each item on my website to make sure that they have the highest quality and are things that I would wear and use as well. The one brand that is very close to my heart though, is my Alia Jashanmal Kimono line. My kimonos really showcase my creativity and who I am as a person.

Q: What inspires your work?

Alia: There are many things that inspire me not just for work, but in life as well. Aloushi's was born through love and helped me get out of my depression. The ideas and thoughts of helping other small businesses come together inspires me. Building a beautiful community where people can speak freely about their lives and create beautiful artisanal pieces inspires me to build that community. Our world has become so toxic and fast that I feel like people need to be reminded that the little things matter, and we should create that sense of peace and love among one another.

Q: Any tips for any start-ups in the region?

Alia: I would persist in what you believe in. It will get tough to educate people but if you can help one person along the way it's worth it. Keep networking! You never know who you can meet and what opportunity can come from that.


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