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Hail ‘Neatly.’ Dubai’s Homegrown Styling and Space Solution Company.

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Tidying Your Home in a Stylish Way Has Never Been So Easy in the UAE.

If you’ve always dreamed of having a beautifully organised home, the kind of home where all your clothes, food, utensils, toys, clothing, underwear (you name it) are elegantly folded, categorised and presented, then look no further than reaching out to homegrown Dubai-based lifestyle and organising company ‘Neatly.’

Perfectly named to explain exactly what they do, ‘Neatly’ is sort of like the Marie Kondo of the Middle East. I’m a big believer that if your home is messy, cluttered, and chaotic, so is your mind. By clearing out unwanted mess and decluttering, it always gets me in that positive mindset where good energy flows in me and around me more readily. The result is: I just feel a little lighter. Most certainly, after tidying, there’s more harmony in my heart and a feeling of satisfaction.

With so much clutter that can accumulate in time, in places like the kid’s playroom, your wardrobe, the kitchen pantry, your study, and so forth, who really wants all that stagnant energy lying around?

Simply put, ‘Neatly’ is a professional and stylish clutter buster company. It’s the first and only company that I’ve discovered in the UAE that has taken tidying to a new level. It involves styling, design knowledge, a practical mind, and artistic skills. A team of skilled professionals that have been trained by the ultimate organiser and founder Sara Baccianti will personally map out all your orderly goals, design a beautiful concept that suits your needs and your home, all with the Neatly stamp of approval.

Not only are they there to transform your drawers or wardrobes, but they can also even make them for you and provide storage products. The niche company works to fulfil the client’s needs when it comes to utilising space and organising all your home essentials in a stylish and artistic manner. What’s great about Neatly is that if you’re building a new home, (like we are) they can come on board during the design concept to help add their touch of ‘Neatly’ magic.

Here’s a short Q&A with my friend and founder of Neatly Sara Baccianti:

Q: What’s the main concept of Neatly?

Sara: Neatly is a lifestyle and organising company, with a mission to elevate life, one space at a time. The whole idea started with a problem I wanted to solve - the struggle with clutter and disorganisation in people’s homes and lives. The concept is about creating functional and beautiful spaces that inspire a simplified life. We want your space to align with your dreams, goals, and pursuits. Knowing that when you walk through your space you simply feel good.

Q: If someone like myself came to you just as we are building a home what can you offer?

Sara: Moving into a new home already involves so much stress and time. This is how Neatly comes in. We take care of the entire aspect of the moving process. We bring in more hands, and our expert skills. We make it our priority to really understand your needs, lifestyle, and goals beforehand. This way we can make sure the flow in each space is perfectly aligned to your day-to-day routine. Our service is really for anyone who values their time and health. Whether you are super overwhelmed with clutter, moving home or just in need of more structure in your space. We are here to transform your life for the better.

Q: What made you want to start Neatly in the UAE? Do you think you will expand to other countries?

Sara: Dubai has been the place I call my home for the past seven years. As a start-up and young entrepreneur, it couldn’t have been a better place to start Neatly. And yes, we plan on expanding to other countries!

Q: How long can a project take to do? From the smallest project to the most complicated?

Sara: Every client and project are so unique. The time it takes to organise a space can vary a lot, depending on the size, inventory, and complexity. We have organised a small space with just one cabinet in less than two hours. Or for a larger project, we have organised eight rooms in four days, with seven organisers.

Q: What makes your company so special?

Sara: What makes Neatly special is our people. Our team is everything to me. We share the same goals, values, and beliefs and this is essentially what makes us function seamlessly together.

Q: What’s the process with a new client?

Sara: We start with an in-house consultation to fully understand our client’s lifestyle, goals, and needs. This also allows us to assess the space and measure what products are needed for organising. Then we start space planning. This process is essential in finding the perfect products and solutions that will fit the client’s space, expectation, and budget. We send this in the form of a detailed project proposal.

Once a date has been picked, our amazing team of organisers come in. We’ll pull everything out that needs organising, sort through and categorise each item. That’s when we bring in the client and go through our list of questions: Does it bring you joy? Do you use it? Do you need it? We’ll decide where the best place for each item should go, based on its purpose and how often the client uses it. We then install all the items back in their new space, with systems in place that match the client’s lifestyles, family needs, and goals. The best part is that once it’s done, the organising systems are super easy to maintain, you just put things back where they are.

To book with Neatly: Email:

Call/WhatsApp: +971 (0) 52 931 9366



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