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My Story

Hi, I’m Hershey. I’m a writer, editor, and journalist, with a love for words and communication. I’m a spiritual warrior and Reiki healer interested in mindfulness, wellbeing, and yoga. I’m an animal lover and child vegan who may have lost her way a little growing up, only to return to my calling for plant-based food. 

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I have two gorgeous girls and one adorable boy. I had my first child a week before my 40th birthday. It was a personal vision to be in a loving relationship and have a child before I was 40.  And as a single, 38-year-old (at the time), I was bewildered how this was going to happen. But after years of self-healing, spiritual awakenings, and low points in life, I gave the universe a clear energetic intention and my dreams slowly manifested. 


As a British expatriate, with European and Asian roots, I came to Dubai, having been offered a job to work for Forbes Middle East. Even though I only knew two people in the city, I threw all my essentials in a few suitcases and flew across the Gulf. During the working week, I’d work at the office writing articles and at the weekends and evenings, I’d immerse myself in nature, with mountain hikes, diving, swimming, and paddle boarding in deep blue oceans.

I loved experiencing a few holistic retreats in between all of that and I engaged myself in the thriving wellness community in the region. Then, one day, I met my future husband, on an assignment to interview a local Emirati watch collector – for an article in one of the magazines I was writing for. Who would have imagined, but we fell in love and got married all within 18 months! I then began to root myself to his beautiful homeland, Dubai, and now I’m navigating my way through life, raising little Emirati beings, with multi-cultural, universal souls. I’m constantly mesmerised by this young and vibrant 50-year-old country because of its endless possibilities, its emerging market, developing infrastructure, traditional cultures, multiculturalism, and endless natural beauty. 

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What made me start this blog was my desire to share my story to those trying to find themselves – to exhausted mums, to single ladies, to career-driven women, and to those that simply want to have a glimpse of what my life is like living in Dubai. It’s not all glitz and glamour like Dubai is easily known for. But as an expat mother, and a westerner, who is married into a local Emirati family, raising young humans, I think I have an interesting point of view to share with my readers.

My nomadic nature, and natural curiosity for the world, led me to travel to over 55 countries (so far) and I’ve worked for international magazines in Europe, the US and the Middle East, like Elle, W, WWD, Sunday Times Style and OK! over the years. 

In this blog, I will share with you my personal diary through life, my postnatal and pregnancy advice, travel aspirations, places to visit, wellness escapes, health tips, fitness journey, my love for vegan food, sustainable lifestyle choices and how I try to help the planet and the world.

I’ll share family-friendly venues, my journey building our new house, from interior designing, architectural design, and styling to fashion advice, and my favourite make-up and beauty products.

This is a blog for all women, and all moms, looking for connection, some inspiration and helpful advice. Afterall, collectively, we are a tribe of inspiring women doing our best, looking out for each other to make life a little bit more meaningful, kind and fun. We are a mom tribe in life’s journey together, doing our part for our families and our planet. If there’s anything you want me to try out, review or experience, which could make a difference, or create a positive impact or positive change, in some small way, then please reach out.

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