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You’re a Soul Formula.

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Finding Meaningful Purpose in Life.

When my friend and holistic healer Eva told me about her new modality offering, Soul Formula readings, I was very intrigued to try it. In the past, I’ve tried astrology and numerology readings, and both seemed so accurate. From a physical perspective, if you think about it, your exact time of birth, what was happening in the world subconsciously and consciously – in that precise moment you were born, the universal planetary alignments and shifts, where you were born in the world, your DNA, and your karma are all so unique, to just you!

Photographer credit: Karyna Belausava

I look at it as, if we as humans and souls are connected to the universe in some way, surely these readings must have something to say about you and your place in the world. And if you combine that element with your unique spiritual calling, you’re onto something insightful and meaningful. For those that are conscious and open enough to hear more, there must be some benefit to this.

Eva says, “Having a soul formula reading is like having a fusion of your unique astrology and psychology unraveled. It’s a method which was developed by Alexander Astrogor in the 1980s after decades of work with planetary chains.”

Alexander Astrogor says, “Soul Formula is the optimal path of human development, destined for us by celestial bodies at the time of birth, expressed graphically in astrological symbols. The human body is a unique radio receiver, and a soul formula is a scheme. Soul formula determines exact tuning range for each person so one can sing his song, to play his unique role.”

Think of it as each one of us being born into this world with our own special “manual.” We all function differently and how we function in the world – emotionally, physically, spiritually – how we view the world and respond to actions, thoughts, and feelings are all unique. We each have our individual strengths and weaknesses and having a soul formula reading contains important information about us, which makes it a good way to have an insight on how to best manage and view everything we do in life. This “manual” is a personal “soul formula” and it can explain how we function in this life.

According to Eva, the Soul Formula method can help you with the following:

1. To understand yourself better – your strengths, your weaker qualities and it shows what drives you. It makes you more aware of your nature. Therefore, it makes it easier to communicate your unique essence to the world around you.

2. It explains what the best way is to rest and recover in life’s stresses’ and it will show you your unique way to release emotional tension.

3. It makes it clear which field or line of work you are most likely to succeed in and it will give guidance on how to be truly happy.

4. It shows your life purpose and life tasks.

5. It gives you practical and simple solutions on how to be more balanced, empowered and fulfilled.

Eva explains, when she works with clients on soul formula readings, “They are often asking questions about the meaning, purpose, or direction in life. Clients will say: “I want to understand my life purpose? I feel lost and disconnected, I need help in finding myself. I want to improve my health. I am at a certain threshold and need guidance in which direction to move. I want to understand myself better.” And sometimes people struggle to shape a certain question, but they feel curious, and they just feel they need a soul formula reading.”

I found comfort in Eva’s readings because it gave me a boost to see exactly what my strengths in my life and my character are. Eva guided me to see where I should focus my energy and attention, to lead a more fulfilling life. These strengths are the things I may have learned in time, with age anyway, but perhaps I ignored them before. These findings, through her session, guided me to see things that I may have felt but never admitted or paid enough attention to. It was empowering for her to point them out as an actual 'soul reading' without me saying too much. In fact, she is the reason why I started this blog. I felt communication and expression was one of my strengths and purposes in life. I wanted to share information with others to help people and the world, in some way.

How did Eva learn how to do readings? She says, “I came to know about the soul formula through a friend a few years ago. She offered to do a reading and I felt curious and intrigued. It was a very interesting experience though it left me with a lot of questions. I felt that there is a lot of important information in these readings, and I wanted to understand it on a deeper level.

“Then I left this idea for a few years until it came to me one day in meditation. It became clear that I should learn about this fascinating tool. So, I learned from Alexander Astrogor and other great teachers. I did a lot of my own research and practice. The understanding of soul formulas helped me to understand myself, my purpose, my life tasks, and my uniqueness. I decided that I wanted to share this empowering tool with as many people as possible.

“Witnessing shifts in people's lives is the greatest reward. My sole mission and contribution to the world is to create more safe spaces for people to remember their purpose, to embody their “inner healer,” to feel alive, present, and empowered,” she concludes.

About Eva

Eva is a Sound Mandala Healing Master, Hatha Yoga Mentor and Soul Formula Practitioner. She loves to integrate in her work movement medicine, healing circles, Leela Yogic Game, art healing, oracle card readings, and other healing tools. Her experience includes working with hundreds of people from around the world over the last 10 years.

Eva was born in Russia and in her mid-twenties she moved to the UAE where she lived for 12 years. Recently, she moved to Thailand, and she’s now based in Hua Hin city.

WhatsApp: +66 64 347 7518


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