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Family Healing & Soul Guidance with Dubai-Based Healer.

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Need an Emotional, Spiritual and Mental Boast? Meet Daniela Nikolova.

I’ve been steadily working on personal healing, spiritual guidance, and self-growth for the past 15 years. It’s something that I feel has really worked wonders for me. By this, I mean I’ve taken advice and guidance from a couple of shamans and intuitive and psychic healers during the years. I’ve also worked on practicing meditation, using affirmations, deepening my yoga practice, and learning to be present, among other things. I suppose there’s been a few things that have inspired shifts in me, including reading books like A New Earth and The Power of Now, both by Eckhart Tolle. He’s one of my favourite spiritual healers and authors.

I’ve discovered different forms of healing modalities during the years. I also think that not every healer may work for everyone; some healers may resonate with you, whilst others may not. Which is why I think recommendation and trial and error is important. I also think you are guided to meet certain healers at different times of your life. And the right teacher comes at the right time to awaken something in you at the right moment. For instance, I saw my first shaman teacher at 23 years old. He said so many things to me that day, things that were impossible for me to believe – things out of character that simply was not someone I could imagine to be. And when I came out of the session, I felt I had wasted money on some information that was far from the truth. I soon forgot about him, then fast forward to when I was 35 years old and I remembered, one day, the things he said would happen and the person I would be, and I realised I had turned into that person he had described that day we met. The realization was so surprising that I soon understood that sometimes things may not make sense at the time, but they may ‘possibly’ later.

I’ve also done soul readings, astrology, numerology, craniosacral therapy, Reiki, EFT tapping, and much more. I will be sharing my experiences on a few of my favourites in this blog as time goes on, so watch this space. But one important discovery is meeting Daniela Nikolova, in Dubai. She was working in a wellness centre, and she was recommended to me through a good friend who was going through depression. The results I saw in my friend after her session with Daniela were incredible, so I decided to try a session with her.

I’ve been in Dubai for seven years now and I’ve been seeing Daniela for the last six years. What I find so special about her is that she is a psychic and intuitive energy healer who opens your Akashic records. If I try to explain it, it is believed that when one enters the Akashic Records, you can access all information about your past lives, present, and future lives, and all information about the paths of others. In general, this record is considered a place where all truths are known.

When you have a session with her, first she opens your Akashic Records, then you sit and talk about what's on your mind. You share as little or as much as you want. You may be seeking guidance in work, relationships, health, or your direction in life, and so on. It's a bit like talking to any therapist or counsellor. But once your Akashic records are open the session begins and one-on-one therapy starts through healing – with words, wisdom, knowledge, and energy. After the discussion, you lie down comfortably, and sound healing (through Tibetan bowls) is done. She may even lay her hands on your forehead, crown of your head, stomach, feet, or wherever she feels needs light touch to heal areas of your body, mind, or soul. Daniela will clear any blockages or negative energies, or things of this nature that are around or in your energy field.

I’m trying hard here to explain how this works, but this is my insight through my many sessions with her. Whatever way you would like to view my interpretation, I feel like my life, and my mental and emotional wellbeing have all come together nicely since working with Daniela. And the fact is, every time I have a session, I feel light, happy, refreshed, empowered, stronger, and I have more clarity. I feel guided and I can trust and listen to my intuition. Everyone I have recommended to her over the years also shares positive feedback. Nowadays, I only see Daniela one to four times a year. Perhaps in the past I have seen her more throughout the year, but it is all so personal to you and what you may need at that time.

Daniela has worked on my husband too and he has found comfort in their sessions. I also recently discovered that she works on babies or children. Bear in mind, not everyone may need healing. But some relationships between mother and child, for instance, may need healing because of difficult birthing experiences. In my case, she spiritually connected to my 7-month-old baby Nyla (not through speech) but via her Akashic Records and saw her past life. She managed to communicate with her to see if she needed any clearing, but it appeared that Nyla was very content and did not need any that day. On the other hand, Daniela said my 2-year-old called Noura needed grounding because she was absorbing others' energy and that made her very emotional, so she needed to be grounded. Daniela worked on Noura so subtly and it was very fast, almost like a condensed version of my session, without having any physical coherent conversation. I must say, from that evening (after Noura's session), I did see a positive difference in her character and attitude. She was very balanced, less emotional, happier, content and more grounded than previously.

To get in touch with Daniela, she works in person or via Zoom. Each session takes up to one hour for adults and only a few minutes with some children.

Follow IG: @DanielaNikolovaLight

Call: +971 (0) 54 477 0110


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