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Spiritual Empowerment Coach Lucy Bettoney Transforms Lives of Women Around the World.

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

How to Heal and Feel Empowered.

My soul honours your soul because I see the likeness in you, which is also in me. We as humans are more similar than one may think, perhaps sometimes we forget that and create feelings of isolation and fear. Knowing that you’re not the only one going through it and that you can be understood is a comfort. The idea of going through a tough time in life whilst feeling secluded or trapped in negative thought patterns is not an easy task for anyone. This can greatly impact our mental state, our relationships with others, our children, our physical health, and emotional wellbeing in such a deep and profound way. But the question is, where do you even start to try and fix the issues?

Sometimes you need guidance from empathic healers to learn to navigate through life, only to find that your power has always been within you to make monumental positive shifts. But this takes time, realisation, and healing. I’m always looking for ways to help empower those that need it. I know we are all trying to do our best in all areas of life, but in doing so, we must also remember to check in on ourselves. As flight attendants always say before take-off, “make sure you put your life jacket on first before putting it on others that depend on you.” And very much in line with this, we should do the same when it comes to our mental and emotional health, which I believe ultimately impacts our physical bodies. As we shift through life, we are constantly moving and evolving with the changes and challenges that are presented, but how we go through it all may mean we need some professional guidance and advice at times.

I was incredibly intrigued to hear about the work of spiritual empowerment coach Lucy Bettoney. The British expat has lived in Dubai for many years and is now based in Texas. Most of her clients are from the UK, US, and Middle East.

Lucy says, “Every thought and feeling we have ripples out to our children as they are so inexplicably connected to us. Therefore, our healing becomes their healing.”

Intriguing words, which makes me consider more about generational healing or how our energy, thoughts and actions affects and impacts those close to us at every moment. Lucy’s mission is to support mamas to become the most connected and most empowered version of themselves, affecting not only their little ones but the generations to come.

Her spiritual story began with her own self-healing journey related to gut health issues and childhood trauma. She was lost, stuck and unhappy in life for some time. Today, Lucy is an integrative holistic health, life and self-development coach who’s been helping the lives of women all over the world. She combines her training and background in integrative holistic health, life coaching and self-development, with real-life wisdom, meditation, and energetics to empower women with the realisation of their infinite potential and endless limitlessness.

Q&A with Spiritual Empowerment Coach Lucy Bettoney:

Q: Tell us your journey to becoming a spiritual empowerment coach?

Lucy: My well-being journey began with food when I healed my (often) debilitating digestive issues by literally reading food labels and not eating anything containing ingredients I wouldn’t keep in my fridge or pantry. Staying away from processed and convenience food healed my gut – that simple! I then realised there was way more to well-being than just food when I experienced an intense awakening in 2016. In the space of a few weeks, I experienced a huge shift which enabled me to heal PTSD I had experienced because of a dysfunctional childhood relationship with my alcoholic father.

Through meditation and cultivating awareness of my own thoughts, I was able to do a complete 180 on everything I thought about myself and life. Realising the truth of who I was before I was told I was “this and that,” before the programming, conditioning, and trauma, I was able to connect to a power much greater than myself. In this moment, I became aware of our true nature. I realised as spiritual beings having a human experience, we are far more powerful than we’ve been led to think. I believe we all have the power to heal ourselves. We just must put the right information in. It became my mission to help others to heal themselves and their traumas, find their truth and experience more presence, peace, and joy in their daily lives.

Q: What were your inspirations to start your path as a spiritual empowerment coach and how was the transition from your previous career to what you are doing now?

Lucy: I previously worked in Fashion PR until just before I became pregnant with my daughter. I loved this career and was able to experience travel, the glamour of red-carpet events and photo shoots with was amazing, and I learnt a lot from this experience.

Since being very young, I often felt a niggle that my true soul's purpose was to help people. Although I didn't know exactly how at the time. I would often talk about how I loved fashion PR, but I wanted to help people with talk therapy in a counsellor-type role in the future. I felt an intuitive pull towards this and a deep calling within. I knew that the trauma from my younger years happened for a reason.

My pathway into wellness, empowerment and self-development began from a painful past of PTSD, childhood trauma and low self-worth. From this place, I learnt so much and honestly, I would not change a single thing. These circumstances were the catalyst which ignited my fierce desire and determination to help and support others. Realising that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, I was able to tap into a power far greater than myself. From this place, my life began to shift, and I was able to create a whole new reality. I then discovered coaching and fell in love with the transformational and empowerment aspect.

Q: What were your struggles and how do you think women and mums will be attracted to your coaching work?

Lucy: Since becoming a mum, I have experienced first-hand the feelings of vulnerability which come with motherhood. Living overseas, without nearby family, it became increasingly apparent that in today's society many of us are lost in situations without the support we really need. From here, I felt a calling deep within my soul to support mothers in my coaching business. In my world, women are taken on a healing journey of reclamation to embrace all aspects of themselves and peel back the layers of their shadows which have been holding them back. Women are guided to manifest the life they truly desire through cultivating self-love, connecting deeply to their innate wisdom and inherent intuition, whilst learning to regulate their nervous system with a default back to peace.

Q: When did you become a mother and how do you feel motherhood has made you evolve in different ways?

Lucy: My daughter is now 5 years old, and she has become one of my biggest spiritual teachers. I truly believe being a mother requires so many of the fundamental practices of spirituality: surrender, self-awareness, patience, trust and faith in the unknown. She has been a catalyst for my expansion in ways I never thought possible. Feeling the depth of the unconditional love between mother and child is so beautiful and joyous. Although it is definitely not an easy job, I would not change it for the world. I count my lucky stars every day since I met my sweet girl.

Q: Tell us about your approach with your coaching. How do you help mums that really need the support?

Lucy: Most often, I see mums feeling disconnected from themselves, feeling anxious, worrying, feeling like they're not good enough, comparing themselves to others, having mum-guilt and generally feeling like they have no time and energy for themselves. Often, they are caught up in negative self-talk, but commonly don’t even realise this is happening. Through cultivating awareness of their mind chitter-chatter inner dialogue these amazing women are empowered to become more compassionate and kinder to themselves which has a huge impact on many aspects of their lives.

Q: How do you think empowering women will help with the parenthood journey?

Lucy: Through acknowledging the subconscious parts of us that need loving, comforting and reparenting we can thrive and show up more fully for our children and our loved ones. Through empowering women with this knowledge, we are able to work through blockages and break generational cycles in order to create a new reality not only for themselves but for our children and the generations to come. Uncovering the reasons for our emotional triggers, helps us to "get out of our own way" to alchemise and transmute chaos to calm. This really is a superpower for us mums because can be chaotic enough!

Q: What do you ultimately want to achieve when working with a client?

Lucy: As a parent, time really goes by in the blink of an eye. Supporting mums in being more present with their children and soaking up the precious childhood years to the fullest is so rewarding. By cultivating presence, they can regulate their nervous system and invite more ease and flow into their daily lives.

Helping women transform everything they once thought about themselves by embracing self-love, letting go of negative self-talk, learning to soothe their emotions and gently reframe their thoughts elevates their lives in unimaginable ways. They feel uplifted to finally prioritise themselves once more. Through connecting to the deepest parts of themselves and tapping into their intuition, they are able to trust themselves fully with the confidence to act from their inner knowing, trusting the know what is best for their children and themselves.

These incredible women feel empowered to finally realise their own power! They are able to switch up the energy in the room and manifest joy and connection in their lives. Seeing the transformation they are making is rippling out to everyone around them and it is so rewarding for them!

I believe we all have the power to heal ourselves. We often just have to put the right information in. We are all so connected. Every thought and feeling we have vibrates out to those around us. Our healing becomes our children's healing. This is the ripple effect I am so grateful to be part of.

Q: What workshops or sessions are coming up that you want to share?


Monday 19th - Wednesday 21st September 2022.


8pm Dubai (GMT+4)

5pm UK (GMT+1)

11am (CDT) USA

Each workshop will be 30 mins (join LIVE or watch the replays).

Contact Lucy: HERE

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