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Why I Love Sustainable Fashion and Emirati Label House of Fatam.

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Dubai-Based Designer Focuses on Sustainable Fashion.

Photographer credit: Karyna Belausava

Emirati Designer, Fatam Gargash launched her trendy fashion line back in 2011, she initially did it as part of her fashion diploma which involved creating a label. She says, “I’ve always loved experimenting with fashion, from goth to arabesque. I’ve done it all.” She’s even created a bespoke made-to-order childrenswear line. Her designs have included these amazing quirky and fun donut prints that both the girls and I are wearing below.

Photographer credit: Karyna Belausava

House of Fatam is known for her stand out patterns, bold colours and inspirational, up-beat, fun and motivational play on words like “Happy,” “Life, Love, Luck, Fate,” and “Donut Touch My Doughnut.”

Her latest collection is called “Rag Doll.” She saw it as an opportunity to work with sustainable fabrics, by repurposing material to design feminine, vintage-style, printed summer dresses and kaftans that can be worn every day in places like Dubai, or anywhere with sunny climes – on holiday, or on the beach. It’s meant to be versatile and worn with fabulous accessories or simply on its own. The pretty patchwork-style designs are amazing for everyone that likes that effortless beachy, maxi look.

I particularly found her designs fantastic for both of my pregnancies, and for my postpartum journey. The cuts are airy, but they give you enough shape to not feel like a sack.

The name “Rag Doll” echoes how fabrics can be sewn and stitched together. Fatam says, “I always loved the whole patchwork quilt vibe, and I wanted to incorporate it in daily kaftans, especially since we live in a hot climate.”

The designer works with a local atelier, she adds, “I don’t mass produce because I believe in quality and reusing and repurposing fabrics where I can. All my fabrics are sustainable. I am super glad that this whole sustainable movement is taking place and I am taking part by upcycling and sourcing from eco-friendly suppliers. Our suppliers work with different international entities to ensure fair pay and safe conditions for farmers who weave the fabric.”

Photographer credit: Karyna Belausava

If you want to order anything you better be quick because they sell out fast. She usually makes up to 23 pieces for each collection. If you are wondering what's coming up next for House of Fatam, they are launching caps for next season and they have a special collaboration with a local-based Emirati artisan who specialises in beading. I’m super excited for this collection!

Fatam concludes, “The caps are inspired by my daily life. It’s a fun piece to wear every day and it can complement most daily attire. They can complete pretty much any look. You can wear a kaftan or a tuxedo with a cap. I just love ghetto chic.”

For the latest news on House of Fatam, follow on IG @houseoffatam


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