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Feng Shui at Home.

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Why I Choose to Create a Home Incorporating Feng Shui.

Photographer credit: Karyna Belausava

Have you ever met someone you don’t know and instantly love their vibe? Or have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt it was uninviting? Or perhaps there are certain parts of your house where you really feel a sense of peace whilst other areas make you feel uncomfortable? There is something so powerful about how energy works.

I’m a big believer that positive energy can bring abundance in our lives, and therefore I felt it was so important to create a positive flow of energy in our home. Afterall, this is the place we rest and recharge, a place we grow our family, a place we work, and live in day in, day out.

If you’re wondering how Feng Shui can affect your living space and impact your life here is how: There’s no better feeling than feeling peace at home. Feng Shui brings harmony, growth, and happiness into your space, and your life. Everything in our environment has a life force and that’s called “Chi.” Chi flows in our body and in our living space. If you’ve ever wondered why when you are in a certain environment, or if you are around certain people, you can feel good or bad? Well, that’s energy. Certain places make you feel peaceful, calm, or inspired and they can lift your energy and your mood. Whilst other places will make you feel overwhelmed, anxious, down or stressed. These are places where you may be unconsciously sensing a blockage of “Chi”.

Everything in our environment has a life force and that’s called “Chi.” Chi flows in our body and in our living space.

Did you know that energy force (Chi) is so strong that it can affect or influence our physical, emotional, mental wellbeing? By integrating Feng Shui in your home, you can control that energy and how it affects you in your daily life. Ultimately, Feng Shui can help you if you feel stuck, emotionally blocked, burned out, lost, depressed, or anxious. There is simply so much to be said here and this is fundamentally why I felt it was important for me and my family to have this in our home. I would like nothing short of harmony and abundance in our lives.

I’ve been working with Anna Max Studio to help me with Feng Shui in our home. The founder, Anikca Maksimovic, is an architect and Feng Shui master practitioner. She works with the traditional and classical Feng Shui school method. There are practitioners of other schools that may use other systems. With Anna Max Studio, the first thing I had to do was give my date of birth and the birth dates of those that live in our home (my husband and our children). This allows us to find the Kua number of each person. Kua number is a system of numerology based on the birth year and gender. (It’s also known as the Eight Mansions or Eight Houses of Feng Shui). Your Kua number is used to determine the favourable directions to face and locations for important areas of your home such as your front door, workspace, and bedroom. It also offers insight into your energetic compatibility with other people.

Following this, using a compass, I had to find out the direction that our house was facing. This will help assess how Chi (life force energy) is flowing in our property and this offers information on how Chi is received inside the building by each person. There are five elements to consider in each room: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire. Based on all of this (and your Kua number) a floor plan is mapped out showing the areas of your home that bring strengths and weaknesses for all. From this, you can help fix any energy blockage or negative influences caused by invisible energies in any environment. This can be done by implementing certain colours, plants, sculptures, materials, crystals, symbols, and ornaments in certain areas of the home. By balancing the energies in any given space, you can create health, wealth, prosperity, and good fortune for the people inhabiting it.

Anna Max Studio can help create spaces that will help you feel that abundance is flowing through your home or office. This can strengthen your relationships, financial prosperity, wellbeing, and health. Anikca says, “Feng Shui can help with business opportunities, cash flow, accumulation of assets, wealth, stability, health, and children’s prosperity with their education and growth.”

There are three different schools of Feng Shui. I am working with classical or traditional Chinese, combined with Tibetan Feng Shui. Since incorporating this in our home, I do feel positive vibes flowing through and I have felt things are more in harmony. I recommend this to those trying to find more balance and luck in certain areas of life.

Traditional Chinese (combined with Tibetan) Feng Shui considers three key factors to help bring harmony in your life:

Space: This refers to actual physical areas like your house or garden which can be fixed (as discussed above). This is done as an overall remedy for a long period of time. However, you also need to think about the timeframe.

Time: This considers the correlation between space and time with the constant cyclical changes in nature. Feng Shui and Chinese astrology are connected: one speaks about space, the other time. They constantly interact together. Every Feng Shui New Year, on February 4th, you will have to do a slight minor touch up in your home or space. They have a belief of nine ‘Flying Stars’ – some are good stars like the ‘Wealth Star’, which brings wealth, and some are bad stars like the ‘Sickness Star’ that brings ill health. You can analyse them in your home by creating charts. They will move every Feng Shui New Year and depending on where they are positioned in your home it can bring luck or misfortune. Think of it as ‘Flying Stars’ working like astrology.

Tibetan Feng Shui: – This is the use of ancient wisdom and knowledge that help balance energies in the body and the environment. Specific symbols and mantras are used for different adjustments (or corrections) in the home.

There’s a lot to consider which is why it’s great hiring an expert. If you have any queries and are interested in finding out more, reach out. Anicka offers a free consultation just contact me at Prices start from Dhs2,500 for Feng Shui at your home, but prices differ depending on the size of the space.


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